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Also I started adding the langauge to the word of the day posts. I didn't before because they were copy pastes from my old quote blog and I didn't save them. If you're curious and the language isn't listed, please do a lil google search. Thank you!

eloquent and cunning with regards to speech; secretly mischievous, wily

Never fall in love with a deer woman. Deer women are cunning and can see the past and the future all at once. Their eyes are deep and still as well water, their legs as long and slender as the high aspens. A deer woman will make you do terrible things for a chance to stroke the back of her knees, to hear her whisper your name. She will promise you home.
Harvest by Rebecca Roanhorse

Time hasn’t softened the nightmares: it’s simply given them more variety.
Kayla Olson, The Sandcastle Empire

adjective causing injurious damage or widespread destruction; causing great ruin and destruction to an area

The infant starts to cry, and it is a sound I’ve never heard before—a higher, sharper rattle than that of the demons. It is one of them. This is a real child of demons, offspring of Death Walking. I am witness to a great turbulence in the river of time, a bloom of life springing from the depths.
The Shadow We Cast Through Time by Indrapramit Das

To the sea and its reach. She likes the way the waves follow you back inside: that brisk, fresh spray at your heels, the stubborn grains of wet sand in your boots, on your scalp, under your watch strap. The colour of the bay in the early morning.
The Breach by M T Hill

of or given under a vow, dedicated in fulfillment of a vow or pledge

It always began the same way, with the darkness gathering in the corner. More malevolent than mere gloom, the shadows that had fleeted on the edge of his vision would coalesce in the corner like congealing blood, slowly taking form and shape. Blacker yet than black, darker yet than dark, it would gather there and reach forth with a scrabble of ink fingers, seeking out that which it claimed to itself. Reaching out to him.
The Devil Aspect by Craig Russell

(of speech) apt, quick of mind and insightful, cleverly amusing; (of person) ready-witted, quick at repartee

aiming or willing to destroy; desperately hostile and fatal; death-bringing

The city comforts her like a mother who coddles a child. It says, ”You are an ordinary body among ordinary bodies, you are in fact no-body.”
Give Me Your Black Wings Oh Sister by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

My allegiance lies with the dead, and no matter what the clerics say, the dead care for very little.
The Empress of Salt and Fortune by Nghi Vo

to mask, to disguise or cover one’s face

I'm only held together by the centripetal force of my own endless spinning. I'm only here because I don't remember where else to go.
Jennifer Saunders, from “Wait a Second, Let Me Write It Down”

(archaic) one who hunts; a person who takes care of the wild animals or birds that are kept on someone’s land for hunting

worn out, having one’s strength exhausted by toil or exertion

Full of sadness and self-doubt,
she stared at the slowly fading stars
Velimir Khlebnikov, Collected Works, Vol. 3: Selected Poems, tr. by Paul Schmidt

Even where the most private of secrets are confided, there is always room to resist, something that goes unconfessed, some tiny sign or gesture that embodies whatever is withheld.
Luminous Republic by Andres Barba

“My toys. The people who misjudged a thing in the shape of a man. That’s why they call me the Demon. They see something that looks human but has something else inside, something they can’t understand. They call what I do evil and they call me a demon. My toys had to do that because they had to try to make sense of what was happening to them.”
The Devil Aspect by Craig Russell

of great age, aged, having lasted for long duration

of or characteristic of the moon

The appearance of that voice, of that dark personality, was like some terrible black sun dawning, filling the castle’s tower room with a shining darkness and sinking with malice deep into the dense, thick stone of its ancient walls.
The Devil Aspect by Craig Russell

And then—oh, it was then I saw her transformation. I felt the air charge with some strange energy. Something intensely dark, darker than obsidian, coalesced in the air above the bones. She was emerging! For a single hopeful moment, she hung there in the air before me. She had no human shape; no face, no gender, no organic form. She had become a small, clustering black sparkle of intense darkness, like a small dark star suspended in the clammy air of the cellar.
The Devil Aspect by Craig Russell